The ETO GROUP is characterised by a corporate policy with long-term orientation. We have successfully proven this time and time again in the past.

The company is supported by the non-profit organisation "Christa und Hermann Laur-Stiftung", which allows ETO to enjoy autonomy and independence from the capital market and investors.

This enables us to take our own paths and plan in the long-term – always guided by our self-image of being the innovation and market leader.

Excellent qualifications and team spirit characterise our more than 1600 employees at the ETO locations in Germany, China, Poland and the USA. The enjoyment of a challenge and the aim of developing and producing the best possible products are proven by the ETO employees everyday in the quality of our actuators and sensors, which is acknowledged through the industry.

As a strong and independent market leader, we offer unique reliability, sustainability and an attractive workplace to our employees. Become part of our worldwide team with which we continually set new standards.