Commercial Vehicle Components

ETO products check, control and move technical processes. This makes our actuators and sensors indispensable components in complex mechatronic systems as found in vehicle technology and in a number of industrial applications.
We supply the following components, among others, for the commercial vehicles sector:
Commercial Vehicles
  • ABS valves
  • Gear shift valves
  • Clutch shift valves
  • Pressure sensors
  • Air dryer control valves
  • EBS modulator valves for towing vehicles and trailers
  • Proportional valves
  • General switch valves
  • Inductive ABS speed sensors
  • Inductive and active gear speed sensors
  • Stand alone valves
  • Integrated solenoid valve-pressure sensor components
  • Solenoid valves for air suspension for pneumatic passenger vehicle and truck applications
  • Retarder solenoid valves
  • Lift axle valves
  • Solenoid valves for air treatment