customised products

... for the passenger vehicle sector

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanical magnets
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure sensors
  • Speed sensors

Pressure sensors

The customised product portfolio of pressure sensors differs according to the level of technical integration.

This ranges from the pressure sensor as a component on an electronic PCB through to a sensor actuator module; a combination of pressure sensors (sensing) and valves (action) from the ETO GROUP.

The following application overview of customised solutions should facilitate your selection of the right product according to your application. We would be pleased to guide you through individual adaptations to specifications for your application.


  • PCB assembly
  • System integration
  • Exterior use on vehicles
  • Sensor-actuator module

Pressure sensors for ...

PCB assembly System integration Outdoor use Sensor-actuator modules

These pressure sensors allow simple assembly using solder connections. They offer you very high flexibility in the construction of your devices with simple integration.

Customised pressure sensors are integrated and customised casings. These sensors are assembled in the customer's primary system and are fixed in place mechanically.

This allows an optimum pneumatic connection and simple assembly processes.

A special feature of these pressure sensors is the high protection measures against environmental influences. This allows us to achieve protection class IP6K9K and high EMC and overvoltage resistance. We can therefore offer optimum safety for applications with openly accessible installation locations.

By incorporating our pressure sensors in complex modules, we are also available to support you as a professional supplier of complete sensor-actuator modules with joint plug connectors.

Example products:

  • S400
  • S400V
  • SL10
  • SM10

Example products:

  • GS
  • CB
  • EB
  • MDS

Example products:

  • E3
  • EL3
  • SC50
  • DDS

Example products:

  • Magnet-sensor units
  • Coil-sensor units
  • Sensor valve units