team and employees

The very high quality of our products is expressed in the opinions of our colleagues who represent more than 1800 employees.

“I think it’s great to always be able to work with the very latest development tools!"

Nicole S. – Product Development Engineer

“A successful project, a satisfied customer –
there’s no better recognition than that!”

Andreas U. – Sales Manager

“Committed employees who work responsibly and are still
team players – that’s not something you find just anywhere!”

Helmut S. – Team Leader Product Development

“The daily challenges inspire me –
every day again!”

Sabine E. – Team Assistant

“Quality always appears to be so effortless… but it is in fact something that we work very hard for!”

Peter S. – Manager Assurance Manager

“Impossible is definitely not
in our dictionary!”

Michael W. – Production Manager

“I certainly want to continue working here
when I’ve completed my apprenticeship!”

Danyang Z. – Student